"Easiest starting engine I've ever owned"

Bill R. (IO-360, 200hp)

Bruce H. and his Lancair ES


"We love it"

​Dave and Donna C.


More Happy Friends

" I liked iStart so much on my RV 6 that I'm installing it again on my RV 7." Kliff B. (IO-390)

Bonnie and Tom L. in the San Juan's

​"Starts every time I ask it to" (IO-540)

Jack and his RV 7


"iStart took all the worry out of hot starts after fuel stops."

Dave and Wendy M. (IO-540)

"Hot start or cold start, I trust iStart"

Sam B. (IO-540)

Partenavia P-68C (Lyc IO-360, 200 HP)

Thanks to iStart,

you visit your Happy Place every time you think about starting your hot, fuel injected engine.

RV owner Greg with iStart on his new ride  (IO-360)

M-35  (IO-470)

THIS... is your Happy Place!

RV 6  (Lyc IO-360, 180 HP)

Just kidding  ;)

Company stress relief Breezy


Mike L's Pitts


iStart test aircraft

V35A (IO-520)

Bellanca 17-30A  (IO-520)

Bart R's pristine F33