​Connect to the P-lead post as you would with a magneto.

Connect the Orange wire in the iStart harness to the control connector Pin 6. 

Light Speed:
If you do not use the P lead function to disable the ignition, connect the Orange wire to Pin 6 in the Light Speed connector.

The early Light Speed versions (A, A1, A-) that have not been upgraded require a factory modification to the circuit board. Contact iStart for assistance.

Electroair ignition:
Experimental (Jeff Rose) Connect the Orange wire to Electroair Brown wire J1 pin 18 (Electric Tachometer).

 Certified (EIS-41000, EIS-61000): Connect Orange wire to the Controller harness black wire labeled "Electroair Tachometer".


Connect the Orange wire to the tach output Pin 6. Green wire.

Connecting iStart to your Electronic Ignition

Installation tips 

*Mount your controller in an easy to access location and make it easy to remove. We are continually improving iStart and may need to connect to your Controller to implement these changes.

*Troubleshooting sometimes requires the ability to remove the controller cover and view LED's on the board. Keep this in mind when locating the controller.

*iStart is optimized for a certain altitude range. If it is set up for sea level, it will not operate well at 7000'. This is a limitation of the system and at higher altitudes you will need to revert to basic starting techniques.

*Although you can connect to the start (green wire) and P lead (orange wire) circuits at the key switch or other locations behind the panel, many installers find that connecting at the firewall and the p lead post on the mag the easiest and least time consuming.

*Always inspect the supplied fittings before installation for debris that may have been introduced during packing or shipping.

*Most installation difficulties are the result of errors in harness connections. Call us any time there is any uncertainty.

* We are always just a phone call away. 817 219-0007 There is no question too trivial. Call us.